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It is an excellent city in Croatia country. It is filled with lots of attractions and delights. First, we chose Knin Fortress to have a great time. What a fantastic view to a whole city from this fortress. We cannot describe our delights in words. The architecture of this fortress made us to surprise and excite on it. Our camera wanted to be gifted to take photos of this place. The rented yacht charter helped us to travel from this fortress to Krcic River in an effort-free manner.


Beautiful nature of this river made us to forger our humankind for seconds. The flow of water created a pleasant sound to our ears. In this place, we took many photos and it became as amazing memories to our lifetime. We wanted to really thankful to beauty nature and its elegance. You should never miss this pleasant place once in your existence. Pack your things and spend a wonderful time in this country during your vacation.