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Senj is a beautiful city in Croatia. It was really worth to trip it. We thought spend one part of this day in the beach. We very much desired our trip to Lukuvo beach. We starred on the whole view of this beach and it offered us a great time. The surroundings of this beach were attractive and impressive in high range. We took a walk to reach a local museum to learn something informative and useful. The village is pretty chill and remarkable place to spend a great time as a family. The beach was maintained cleanly to attract the visitors much more.


We interested to know about wildlife activities and so we chose Grifon. We rented a yacht to visit this place from Lukuvo beach. Our kids were interested to see those wonderful species of birds. Sounds of birds add pleasant experience to us in our vacation. Passionate volunteers helped us with their talking and we spent some good time in exhibition. Then, we used a boat rental to attain our hotel in a hassle free manner.