Mind-blowing pleasures and fun in Croatia - Motovun

We planned our holidays in Croatia to have astonishing time with our friends. Each of our friend suggested different cities and dissimilar attractions in Croatia. We discussed a lot and made our decisions finally to three different cities and its specific attractions. Most of the tourists rented a yacht to stare on different locations of this country. We also used a yacht to feel the exciting experience in our lifetime. Motovun is a beautiful city that we never feel the delight like this in our existence. Truffle Hunting is excellent and very famous in this city. Our kids were interested to excite on this hunting in high range.

Great host present at this hunting place helped us a lot. The host assisted us to learn more in this place. Great fun and delights took us to different world for few hours. Truffles became a favorite activity after this experience. Our expectations of Buksza Polo are highly satisfied in this place. We will never forget this great tour in our life span. If you are planning for an excursion in Croatia, you should never miss this wonderful place in any case. Dogs are used to truffles and so we understood more about it with the help of host. We wanted to appreciate this kind of hunting in this city in high range.

Yacht charter in Croatia - Split and Trogir

Our second day was in Trogir - there we tried yacht charter in Croatia. Since it is very near to Split, we moved here to spend the day. Actually it is a coastal area and also it is a historic town. We came to Trogir in the morning and we enquired about car driver about the places Bukszapolo to be visit here. He told us many places and we asked him to take use to those places. As it is mentioned already, it is a historic town therefore we could see many ancient buildings and museums. The people we met in the location spoke Croatia (Croatian) language. But our driver spoke with them in the native language and got the routes to the places.  We have visited almost all the important places in the location and it was a great day. We could get to know about many things regarding Trogir’s history. It was very interesting. We took many photographs and at the evening we moved back to Split. If you want to see more, try Yacht Charter in Croatia with Velmundi and rent a boat of your dreams.

Yacht charter Croatia

We spent our third day in Pula which is also a coastal area. We had a great time there and we ate many sea foods and explored many interesting places in the location.
It was our first day in Pula. Since we reached the place in the night time, we did not see anything while traveling from the airport to room. But in the morning, we were very happy to see such a fantastic view from our room. Since I booked the hotel which is near to the seashore, we could see the sea and many excellent natural views. My daughter is also a nature lover so she is very much excited to see such views of Polo. In fact she appreciated me for choosing this hotel for the accommodation.
I and my daughter use to be very friendly so we use to make fun of each other. She appreciated me in such manner but she really loved the view that we had from our room. Then we got ready and started to explore the nearby places of Buksza. We found a restaurant near to the hotel and had breakfast. Then we hired a car to travel around the city. We have visited many places around Pula and my daughter purchased lot of accessories. We moved to the seashore and enjoyed the evening.